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Market Review of Energy Storage Systems


What's in this eBook: Market Review of Energy Storage Systems

This report has been compiled by Victanis Advisory Service in July 2019. It consists of a state-of-the-art analysis of existing energy storage systems and focuses on middle and large scale systems. It also shows existing projects and reveals future opportunities in this field.

This topic being subject to rapid change, it is important to use recent sources with relevant information. Furthermore some technologies have undergone multiple breakthroughs and the report will evaluate their potential.

  1. Introduction : Energy Storage Systems : definition of energy storage system, classification of technologies by type, criteria and properties of storage technologies, technical readiness level (TRL)

  2. Context and Areas of Application : current context, areas of application

  3. State of the Art - Energy Storage Systems : sources and information, supercapacitors, SMES, lead acid battery, lithium Ion battery, NaS battery, Flow battery, sensible heat, latent heat, CAES, LAES, flywheels, pumped hydro storage (PHS), power-to-gas, list of existing energy storage systems

  4. Market and Projects : costs and system definition, overview, conventional batteries Lead Acid and Li-Ion, NaS battery market, Flow battery market, sensible heat market, flywheel market...

  5. Outlook and Opportunities : current state of energy storage, key drivers of future evolution, market evolution...

  6. Conclusion : challenges and opportunities in the energy storage market


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