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Mergers and Acquisitions: What You Need to Know

Acquisition Growth vs. Organic Growth?

Organic and acquisition growth; the cautious would warn that, except for the largest outfits, to do both in parallel means doing neither well. We disagree. Even for the small business, management can be ambitious with their organic growth plans at the same time as pursuing a well-defined, appropriate acquisition strategy.

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Why Follow the Path of Growth through Acquisition?

Opting for growing your business by acquisition offers a number of advantages for businesses. While the advantages of a ‘big leap’ are obvious and in some ways superficial, the promise of acquisition as a tool for sustainable growth and value enhancement are by no means limited to a one-off hit of larger revenues and profit.

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M&A Growth Strategy: What is Essential when Starting Out?

M&A should be part of your company’s business plan. This is an important area for transformational development, and decisions about deals should be the result of a well-considered strategy. The important elements to focus on are the reasons that drive you to head to a M&A strategy. There are four reasons to develop an M&A Growth Strategy:

  1. It's the Right Time for M&A
  2. You've set the Right Goals for an M&A
  3. You've Assembled the Right Team to Execute
  4. Direct your M&A Efforts at a Previously Identified Target

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Victanis in 2018: A Year in Review

How to Identify Potential Acquisition Targets?

Growth by acquisition is an ambition harboured by many businesses, large and small alike, but how to start? What’s the best way to identify potential acquisition targets in a way that improves the chances of ultimately converting a value-enhancing, strategically relevant business?

Steps to Growth through Successful Acquisitions

For the SME looking to take a significant step forward through acquisition, taking a strategic approach that will inform the whole process from targeting, deal process and on into integration can genuinely accelerate delivering a company’s strategic aims.

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Examples of Successful Acquisitions

Victanis advises the Socotec Group on the successful acquisition of Butler & Young Group

Victanis Advisory Services has provided comprehensive support to Socotec UK during its acquisition of Butler & Young Group, a specialist provider of building control and fire consultancy services in UK and Ireland. Find out more here.

Victanis advises the Socotec Group on the Successful Acquisition of AJA Registrars

Victanis has provided comprehensive support to the SOCOTEC Group, a major player in risk management and certification, during its acquisition of AJA Registrars, a specialist in management system certification with revenue of €6 million. Find out more by reading this blog post.

Victanis Assists Marlowe plc in its successful Acquisition of William Martin Compliance Ltd.

Victanis has supported Marlowe plc over the course of the acquisition process of William Martin Compliance Ltd. (WCM) that successfully concluded in December 2018.

Victanis supports Alcumus Holdings Ltd to secure increased loan facilities from HSBC Bank.

Victanis has completed the commercial due diligence for HSBC to enable the bank to extend existing loan facilities for refinancing of Sovereign Capital’s investment in Compliance and Certification provider, Alcumus Holdings Ltd.

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