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Victanis' Blog by Jürgen Leinmüller

Jürgen Leinmüller
Jürgen Leinmüller | September 27 2019

Our market review of Energy Storage Systems is now online!

Please take a look to our market review of Energy Storage Systems. This study has been compiled by Victanis Advisory Services in July 2019 and consists of an analysis of existing energy storage systems, focuses on middle and large scale systems, shows existing projects and reveals future..

Jürgen Leinmüller | April 30 2019

Energy storage, a new challenge for renewable energy producers

In the context of the gradual phasing out of power purchase obligation mechanisms, the issue of renewable energy storage places the sector at the heart of critical long-term economic and strategic challenges.

Jürgen Leinmüller | February 12 2019

Press release - ENR

Victanis supported its client Green City AG in successfully completing the sale of an operating 9.6 MW German wind farm to a Swiss utility.

Jürgen Leinmüller | November 6 2018

Electric mobility: Limited impact so far of electric cars to long-term sustainable electromobility

Electric mobility is a cornerstone of the French Climate Plan, and is often seen as the primary solution to the problems caused by urban pollution. While it certainly offers many benefits (over and above the environmental aspects), it is not quite that simple. The development of electric cars has..

Jürgen Leinmüller | October 29 2018

How are PPAs revolutionising the world of renewable energy?

Gradually, the renewable energy tariff framework that was introduced at the start of the 2000s is coming to an end, making way for a mature (and booming) market, stimulated by falling costs of construction for power plants well as PPAs. By giving market entrants full freedom to negotiate, these ..

Jürgen Leinmüller | July 2 2018

Press release - Renewable Energy

Victanis negotiated and signed in the name of its client Green City a 90 MW photovoltaic co-development project with La Companie Énergies et Territoires (LCEET). Victanis is happy to announce the signature of another 90 MW Photovoltaic Project in the South of France for its client Green City.

Jürgen Leinmüller | June 26 2018

Our market review of Renewable Energy in France is now online!

Renewable Energies with a special focus on the French market: please take a look to our market review to get a better feeling about the renewable energy market worldwide and the most interesting insides to the French market, based on real figures. The study points out the investment needs to..

Jürgen Leinmüller | June 8 2018

German Windpark 9,6 MW to sell

We support our client in the selling process of a wind-park located in the South of Germany, in operation since 04/2017.

Jürgen Leinmüller | March 30 2018

Press release – Renewable Energy

Victanis negotiated and signed in the name of its client Green City Energy a 69 MW photovoltaic co-development project with ReneSola in the south of France.

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