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Jürgen Leinmüller | July 2 2018

Press release - Renewable Energy

Victanis negotiated and signed in the name of its client Green City a 90 MW photovoltaic co-development project with La Companie Énergies et Territoires (LCEET). Victanis is happy to announce the signature of another 90 MW Photovoltaic Project in the South of France for its client Green City.

Jürgen Leinmüller | June 26 2018

Our market review of Renewable Energy in France is now online!

Renewable Energies with a special focus on the French market: please take a look to our market review to get a better feeling about the renewable energy market worldwide and the most interesting insides to the French market, based on real figures. The study points out the investment needs to..

Chris Cradock | June 22 2018

Politics with Wings On: BREXIT & Airbus

Airbus today released its ‘BREXIT – Risk Assessment’. Airbus as a company, is the most significant civil aerospace customer in the UK after Rolls Royce with 14,000 employees in the UK and supporting 110,000 jobs in the wider UK supply chain. The main part of Airbus supply chain that is fulfilled..

Marc de Thomasson | June 20 2018

Victanis advises the SOCOTEC Group on the successful acquisition of certification body AJA Registrars

Victanis has provided comprehensive support to the SOCOTEC Group, a major player in risk management and certification, during its acquisition of AJA Registrars, a specialist in management system certification with revenue of €6 million.

Jürgen Leinmüller | June 8 2018

German Windpark 9,6 MW to sell

We support our client in the selling process of a wind-park located in the South of Germany, in operation since 04/2017.

Yves Rommel | May 16 2018

Growing your business internationally: the main mistakes to avoid

International growth is rightly considered to be one of the key drivers behind the growth of a business. As ever, this process needs to be led with ambition, pragmatism and intelligence, learning from those who have already embarked on a venture of this kind. Here is some of the feedback from..

Marc de Thomasson | May 3 2018

The importance of a strategic diagnosis to international growth projects

You may be wondering how to evaluate your business’s opportunities to grow internationally. Perhaps you are familiar with the strategic diagnosis approach, but you remain to be convinced whether it represents a serious opportunity to substantiate your international growth strategy? This article..

Jürgen Leinmüller | March 30 2018

Press release – Renewable Energy

Victanis negotiated and signed in the name of its client Green City Energy a 69 MW photovoltaic co-development project with ReneSola in the south of France.

Marc de Thomasson | March 21 2018

Impact of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in the Area of Food Security

Today, recent disruptive innovations in the field of DNA sequencing technologies, including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, are challenging traditional approaches and methodologies of the TIC (Testing Inspection Certification) sector.

Chris Cradock | March 15 2018

Rolls Royce 2017 Review: A Vigorous Performance Despite One or Two Crosswinds

Rolls Royce delivered its 2017 FY results on 7th. March, and surprised the market positively with better than expected results!

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