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Chris Cradock | January 26 2019

Growth by Acquisition: How to Identify Potential Acquisition Targets

Growth by acquisition is an ambition harboured by many businesses, large and small alike, but how to start? What’s the best way to identify potential acquisition targets in a way that improves the chances of ultimately converting a value-enhancing, strategically relevant business?

Chris Cradock | January 21 2019

Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of William Martin Compliance Ltd

Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of William Martin Compliance, the market-leading provider of compliance services and management software to the commercial property sector.

Yves Rommel | November 21 2018

The Circular Economy In The Automotive Sector: How Far Can We Introduce It?

Since 2008, CO2 emissions from auto manufacturing fell by almost 24%, a significant drop that can be attributed to manufacturers’ success in decoupling carbon emissions from production growth by shifting to low-carbon and renewable sources of energy. Additionally, over the past decade, water..

Chris Cradock | November 10 2018

Aerospace Q3 Company Reporting Round-Up: Civil Aftermarket and US Defence see Strong Momentum

As is usual at this time of year, a number of key aerospace businesses reported on their situation in the third quarter of 2018 over the past two weeks. We have taken the opportunity, not to go through their numbers or even measure their performance individually, but instead (for the sake of..

Marc de Thomasson | November 6 2018

International business development: which direct investments are available when expanding internationally?

When a business seeks to expand internationally, there is usually a robust decision making process to confirm the opportunity and finalise the way forward. Work goes into analysing the situation, securing funding, and selecting the target country – all of which are essential steps in building a..

Jürgen Leinmüller | November 6 2018

Electric mobility: Limited impact so far of electric cars to long-term sustainable electromobility

Electric mobility is a cornerstone of the French Climate Plan, and is often seen as the primary solution to the problems caused by urban pollution. While it certainly offers many benefits (over and above the environmental aspects), it is not quite that simple. The development of electric cars..

Jürgen Leinmüller | October 29 2018

How are PPAs revolutionising the world of renewable energy?

Gradually, the renewable energy tariff framework that was introduced at the start of the 2000s is coming to an end, making way for a mature (and booming) market, stimulated by falling costs of construction for power plants well as PPAs. By giving market entrants full freedom to negotiate, these ..

Chris Cradock | October 24 2018

Harris-L3 and TransDigm-Esterline: Significant Mergers in Defence and Aerospace

This month saw the announcement of two proposed deals in the US that hold significance for the defence and aerospace supply base, especially but not confined to the US. The merger of L3 and Harris promises a $10 billion giant in defence communications and electronics, while the acquisition of ..

Chris Cradock | October 19 2018

European Naval Developments and Commercial Options: All at Sea

Structural change is an unavoidable reality for European national champions in naval shipbuilding. While the market opportunity both in Europe and in the wider world has not been as helpful for some time, longer term consolidation poses significant challenges and changes which in turn will..

Marc de Thomasson | October 11 2018

How can a Company Gain Competitive Advantage through Internationalisation?

For many businesses, international expansion has been elevated to more than just another challenge and has instead evolved into a true business priority. Many of these businesses are trapped in an environment with an unstable economic outlook and unpredictable, omnipresent and threatening..

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