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Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of William Martin Compliance Ltd

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Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of William Martin Compliance, the market-leading provider of compliance services and management software to the commercial property sector.


Victanis has supported Marlowe plc over the course of the acquisition process of William Martin Compliance Ltd. (WCM) that successfully concluded in December 2018. WCM, based in London and Leeds, provides services to the commercial property sector in Health & Safety, Fire, Water and Asbestos compliance as well as advice and consulting services. It’s core software system, Meridian™, is a sector leading Compliance Management tool for a number of the UK’s most prominent property managers and real estate owners.

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About WCM

WCM is an established provider of H&S, Fire, Water and Asbestos compliance audits to the commercial property sector, predominantly in the UK. The business has also developed a sophisticated compliance management software system developed specifically with the commercial property management sector in mind called Meridian™. WCM therefore not only delivers statutory compliance audits but also considerably assists customers to strategically manage their compliance requirements across multiple properties in a way that enables consistency and efficiency.  As a result of this combination, WMC has a large number of long-standing relationships with property managers and property portfolio owners that means the company is also the first option for compliance advice with its customers. 

Victanis’ Approach

Marlowe asked Victanis, with its unrivalled experience within TIC generally and the property compliance sector in particular, to engage with WCM’s top 20 customers representing approximately 80% of 2017 revenues in order to establish WCM’s positioning with its key customers and within the market more generally.  Important aspects were to understand the business’s most valued attributes and ultimately to understand the ‘direction of travel’ WCM and its customers would take in the future in order to validate Marlowe’s intended investment but also to guide WMC management. Finally, an assessment of WCM’s services and software relative to their competitors was also an important part of the discussions with customers.

As a result of Victanis extensive experience in this market, the discussions from the start were able to be informed and detailed and therefore yielded a much higher grade of information and opinion that might otherwise have been the case. This was of considerable value to Marlowe’s M&A team but also to WMC’s own management who remain fully engaged with the business.

Alex Dacre, CEO of Marlowe plc, commented:

“Victanis bring unique skills and knowledge to the due diligence process. We laid out specific and detailed objectives which Victanis absorbed and delivered on seamlessly. Despite a tight timetable, Victanis’ excellent knowledge of the sector and understanding of William Martin’s business meant that the end product delivered to Marlowe gave additional and valuable insight for WCM and its position within the market.”  


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