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Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of Elogbooks Facilities Management Ltd.

Victanis Advisory Services GmbH

Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of Elogbooks Facilities Management Ltd., the market-leading provider of FM management support & software to the commercial property sector.




Victanis has supported Marlowe plc over the course of the acquisition process of Elogbooks Facilities Management (‘Elogbooks’) that successfully concluded on 27th. June 2020. Elogbooks developed software and a service offering that specifically addressed the requirements of the UK commercial property management sector in FM maintenance and supplier management.

Since the business, begun it has grown to include most of the largest managing agents and commercial property businesses in the UK and has become the industry standard for FM maintenance and the management of FM contractors.

About Elogbooks

Elogbooks combines a dedicated helpdesk to raise and manage maintenance tasks with a robust and sophisticated software platform that enables full tracking and visibility of tasks, the ability to monitor and incentivise FM contractors and provides management at all levels with full visibility of work tasks, response times, quality and cross-portfolio comparison. Elogbooks has also the ability to link to H&S compliance platforms as well as PTP systems, functioning as the core component software for the full range of commercial property management disciplines.

Victanis’ Approach

Marlowe asked Victanis, with its unrivalled experience within TIC generally and the property compliance sector in particular, to engage with Elogbooks’ top 20 customers representing approximately 80% of 2019 revenues in order to establish Elogbooks’ positioning with its key customers and within the market more generally. Important aspects were to understand the business’s most valued attributes, the level to which it had become embedded in customer’s processes and ultimately to understand the value of Elogbooks to its customers and where customers would want to further develop their relationship with Elogbooks in the future. This exercise not only helped validate Marlowe’s intended investment but also to guide the group’s strategic direction. Finally, an assessment of Elogbooks’ services and software relative to the available alternatives was also an important part of the discussions with customers.

As a result of Victanis extensive experience in this market, the discussions from the start were able to be informed and detailed and therefore yielded a much higher grade of information and opinion that might otherwise have been the case. This was of considerable value to Marlowe’s M&A team but also to Elogbook’s own management who remain fully engaged with the business.

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Alex Dacre, CEO of Marlowe plc, comments:

“Victanis can be relied on for robust and insightful commercial due diligence managed in an efficient and timely manner. Their knowledge of the TIC sector and the property market in particular make them unique in being able to get authoritative insights from Elogbooks’ customers. Victanis’ experience means they can understand what customers are saying in an integrated and sophisticated way that enables the direct application of the results to the future strategic direction of Elogbooks and the Marlowe group of companies more broadly.”



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