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Press release - ENR

Victanis Advisory Services GmbH

Victanis supported its client Green City AG in successfully completing the sale of an operating 9.6 MW German wind farm to a Swiss utility.

The Wind farm is located in south of Germany with an installed power of 9.6 MW, under operation since April 2017, was successfully sold to a Swiss Utility provider, looking to expand its power production capacities in the German Market.

Victanis was mandated to conduct the sales process in the name of its client from organizing the bidding process till negotiation of the SPA agreement. The SPA agreement has been signed in December 2018 and closed beginning of February after change of control acceptance by the long-term debt financing bank.

In the past we have been solicited more often on the buy side for our clients so we are happy to enlarge our track record also on the sell-side of renewable energy transactions

About Green City AG

Green City AG has been founded in 2005 as a daughter company of Green City e.V. the most important Environmental association in Munich. Green City AG stands for realizing climate change by renewable energy projects, citizen’s participation by retail fund products, urban mobility solutions and power sales.