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Press release - Renewable Energy

Victanis Advisory Services GmbH

Victanis negotiated and signed in the name of its client Green City a 90 MW photovoltaic co-development project with La Companie Énergies et Territoires (LCEET). Victanis is happy to announce the signature of another 90 MW Photovoltaic Project in the South of France for its client Green City.

This project will be developed together with French Company LCEET (La Companie Énergies et Territoires), based in Paris. All Partners intend to realize power selling mainly by private Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). As previously already announced for another photovoltaic development project, we do see commercialization of electricity by PPA’s for big renewable energy projects to be a promising and reliable way to strengthen the growth of ENR sector in Europe.

About Green City Energy

Green City Energy has been founded in 2005 as a daughter company of Green City e.V. the most important Environmental association in Munich. Green City Energy stands for realizing climate change by renewable energy projects, citizen’s participation by retail fund products, urban mobility solutions and power sales.