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Victanis supports Silverfleet Capital’s investment in aerospace manufacturer, Sigma Components Ltd.

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Victanis has recently completed the commercial due diligence for Silverfleet Capital’s to support the fund’s investment process to acquire Sigma Components from Avingtrans Plc. The transaction was completed in May 2016 with debt provided by HSBC and Santander.

Victanis’ specialist Aerospace team, along with experienced industry expert Peter Woolfrey, has provided commercial due diligence in support of Silverfleet Capital’s investment process. Victanis provided advice, informed analysis and expert opinion across all phases of the transaction, demonstrating Victanis’ ability to rapidly utilise its deep knowledge of the sector and broad industry network in ways that can contribute at every stage of a transaction.

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Sigma Components is a world-class manufacturer of engine pipes, tubes and fabrications for aerospace applications such as aircraft engines and airframes. Its products are supplied to leading aerospace OEMs such as Rolls Royce, Airbus and Bombardier as well as to Tier 1 sub-suppliers such as PFW and Sonaca. The business has facilities in the UK and China.

David Mackenzie (Partner, Silverfleet Capital) commented, ‘Victanis know their sectors inside and out which enabled them, in a very short time frame, to deliver a comprehensive and structured piece of due diligence that made Sigma's positioning, strategy and future prospects easy to understand. Their work was a highly valued part of our investment process, but will also now be a valuable resource for Sigma’s management as the company looks to exploit new opportunities in the future.'

Victanis AD&S specialises in strategic advice and transaction support in all areas of aerospace, defence and security including (among others): aviation software, aerospace manufacturing, secure communications, Cyber security, MRO, C4ISTAR, UAS and Air Traffic management. For further information on our Strategy and Transaction Support services please contact us.

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