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A Business Center in the heart of Munich

German business follows its own codes with respect to commercial, marketing, tax, administrative and legal matters. This demonstrates the need for relying on a local partner with proven record in all these areas.

We offer at the heart of Munich accommodation in a functional working environment, combined with our operational support, to make out of your presence in Germany a success.


victanis|center Concept

The Victanis Center is more than a business center. As doing business in Germany requests know-how and experience, the Victanis Center offers its expertise to accelerate your success on this market.

Thus, in addition to services to make working life easier such as mail, telephone, Internet, receiving calls from your customers, etc. the Victanis Center offers a range of additional services such as the accompanying in prospecting, marketing support, etc.

The Victanis Center proposes a monthly coaching to strengthen your business capability for the German market. We propose various offers of coaching – from the marketing perspective and company creation down to business development assistance.

A hands-on experience

We are French and German but foremost European. The founders of the Victanis Center in Munich are the co-founders of Victanis Advisory Services GmbH Yves Rommel, Ex-CEO of Altran Germany and Jürgen Leinmüller, entrepreneur, strong of 15 years’ experience in transnational investment. Both decided to launch the Victanis Center in Munich in 2015.

Our customer’ requests have led Victanis Advisory Services to bring as well as a team together in England, Belgium and France. This allowed us to perform market researches, business plans, “go to market” analyses, to lead the business development and acquisitions for clients, etc. Up to now with the center, Victanis broadens its remit to a new form of support for business growth.

International in its DNA, the Victanis Center has been specially created to boost the implementation of French and other European companies in Munich and Germany.

When we started in Germany, like you do now, we looked for functional and representative offices. Like you did, we wanted to find support in intercultural Matters and for optimizing our business development in the country.
We share our experience and know-how of the German market thanks to an operational coaching and access to our network of professionals.

Why Bavaria?

The strength of the German economy is no longer to be discussed. Developing successfully business in this demanding, and high value-added market is for European and non-European companies a high value recognition.

First is the question of location in a federal country: Why selecting Bavaria, the most southerly region, to develop the German business?

There are certainly a few places in the world where such level of quality of life, daily security, and successful economy based on traditional and technological high-added value industries is provided.

About 2500 French companies have settled in Germany and more than 500 in Bavaria. Its very low unemployment rate, 2.9% of the workforce, is also a sign of economic health and its attractiveness for innovative companies and talented people helps building future successful “world regions”. 

Due to very well-developed facilities, among others the airport, Nr. 2 in Germany and Nr. 4 in Europe for passengers’ transportation, the companies based in Bavaria benefit as well from an access to the significant German or European cities within two hours.

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