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To be recognised as a key European provider of strategic consulting for the development and execution of growth strategies across major European economies. To become a recognised European specialist in our sectors of expertise: Testing Inspection Certification, Engineering and Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defence and Security, Renewable Energy, other sectors.

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Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC)

The TIC market is characterised by a number of trends including a proliferation of standards and regulations, increased complexity of  procedures, control technologies and insurance, a sustained consolidation of suppliers, added to a growing interest from customers and users for safety and social responsibility, all driven by the phenomenon of globalisation.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

The engineering market is characterised by both the acceleration in the development cycle of new products and technological solutions and by the increasing professionalisation of the supply chain management and procurement functions, with significant impact on the future growth strategy for companies involved in all aspects of engineering.

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Air travel continues to expand rapidly, leading to the so-called ‘super cycle’ in aerospace manufacturing, and the industries that facilitate this growth, aerospace and aviation, are enjoying sustained high rates of growth. The industry is characterised by long-term supplier relationships as a result of record production backlogs and long in-service times for aircraft and engines.

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Defence & Security

The European defence and security industry is a leading economic sector with more than 100 billion euros of annual turnover and employing an estimated 600,000 people directly and 1.5 million people indirectly.

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Renewable energy

The renewable energy market has been characterised in recent years by a strong structural change, which is driven by economical aspects and the need to constantly adapt to new regulations and technologies.

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Other sectors

In addition to the recognised expertise of Victanis in the sectors of activity that are at the heart of its business, there is considerable cross-over and experience in other adjacent sectors as a result of Victanis’ excellence and approach: automotive, rail, utilities, food, IT, healthcare, education.

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