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Eric Lambert
Eric Lambert | May 24 2021

Our French Cybersecurity Market Review is now online!

Please take a look at our market review on Cybersecurity in France. This study has been compiled by Victanis Advisory Services in May 2021 and consists of an analysis of the French Cybersecurity Market, with its drivers, restraints, supply and demand, as well as global perspectives.

To find out..

Eric Lambert | February 9 2018

Victanis supports innovation!

Victanis is a partner of the Cyber West Challenge, a contest aiming to encourage the emergence of innovative start-ups with high potential in the cyber sector within the Morbihan area. Cybersecurity is the deterrent of tomorrow, its importance is growing exponentially as threats proliferate that..

Eric Lambert | December 8 2015

French Defence Budget Overview 2014-2019

The French law for defence budget (loi de programmation militaire – LPM) 2014-2019 allows the French Armed Forces to keep up with the threats expected in the 2020s and later on. This can be achieved not only by the authorised strength of the Armed Forces, but also through development and..

Eric Lambert | February 17 2015

Outsourcing in the French Armed Forces

In September 2011, the rapporteur of the MEC (control and assessment mission of the financial committee on outsourcing in the field of defence), Louis Giscard d'Estaing, recalled that 25% of the British budget was outsourced, as opposed to 6% in France.  

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