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Victanis' Blog about international-growth

Chris Cradock | May 8 2019

Growth by Acquisition: Why Follow the Path of Growth through Acquisition in the First Place

Opting for growing your business by acquisition as opposed to or, in the majority of cases, in parallel with organic growth offers a number of advantages for businesses. While the advantages of a ‘big leap’ are obvious and in some ways superficial, as we will go on to discuss, the promise of..

Marc de Thomasson | February 17 2019

Victanis in 2018: A Year in Review


It was a full year for Victanis in 2018! Not all the processes we were involved in ended in successful outcomes for our clients but in a busy year, we continued to endeavour to give our clients impartial and expert advice on their own business and opportunities for expansion as well as..

Marc de Thomasson | November 6 2018

International business development: which direct investments are available when expanding internationally?

When a business seeks to expand internationally, there is usually a robust decision making process to confirm the opportunity and finalise the way forward. Work goes into analysing the situation, securing funding, and selecting the target country – all of which are essential steps in building a..

Marc de Thomasson | October 11 2018

How can a Company Gain Competitive Advantage through Internationalisation?

For many businesses, international expansion has been elevated to more than just another challenge and has instead evolved into a true business priority. Many of these businesses are trapped in an environment with an unstable economic outlook and unpredictable, omnipresent and threatening..

Alexandra Maupas | September 17 2018

Competitive Benchmarking: How to Identify and Monitor your Competition

Competitor analysis forms part of the toolbox of actions available to any business, generally in the context of preparing its growth strategy and to anticipate its short and medium term risks and opportunities more effectively. Proper identification of your competition and its characteristics is a..

Yves Rommel | May 16 2018

Growing your Business Internationally: the Main Mistakes to Avoid

International growth is rightly considered to be one of the key drivers behind the growth of a business. As ever, this process needs to be led with ambition, pragmatism and intelligence, learning from those who have already embarked on a venture of this kind. Here is some of the feedback from ..

Marc de Thomasson | May 3 2018

The Importance of a Strategic Diagnosis to International Growth Projects

You may be wondering how to evaluate your business’s opportunities to grow internationally. Perhaps you are familiar with the strategic diagnosis approach, but you remain to be convinced whether it represents a serious opportunity to substantiate your international growth strategy? This article..