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Victanis supports Alcumus Holdings Ltd to secure increased loan facilities from HSBC Bank.

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Victanis, a European strategy advisory firm, has recently completed the commercial due diligence for HSBC to enable the bank to extend existing loan facilities for refinancing of Sovereign Capital’s investment in Compliance and Certification provider, Alcumus Holdings Ltd. The transaction was completed in August 2013 and Alcumus used the proceeds of the transaction to make early repayment of amounts owed under certain investor loan notes, held principally by funds managed by Sovereign Capital following Sovereign’s acquisition of Alcumus in 2009.

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Victanis’ specialist Testing, Inspection and Certification team has provided commercial due diligence in support of Sovereign Capital’s partial refinancing of Alcumus Holdings Ltd. Alcumus delivers specialist compliance solutions in the areas of Health and Safety compliance, Employment Law and Legal Services, as well as delivering accredited certification of Management Systems.

Victanis has long experience in both the compliance and certification markets in the UK and Europe, and was able to deliver a comprehensive commercial due diligence on all aspects of the company in order to support HSBC’s decision making process.

“Alcumus has worked with the Victanis team to support a number of our acquisitions and the recent extension of our loan facilities with HSBC. They provide solid strategic insight into our various markets and services and always deliver insightful and meaningful due diligence.”

Martin Smith, Alcumus Group Chief Executive


“Victanis know their sectors inside and out which enabled them, in a very short time frame, to deliver a comprehensive and structured piece of due diligence that made Alcumus' positioning, strategy and future prospects easy to understand and relevant to the overall investment process.”

Simon Sheriker, Senior Corporate Banking Manager at HSBC bank

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