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Chris Cradock | June 29 2020

Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of Elogbooks Facilities Management Ltd.

Victanis assists Marlowe plc in its successful acquisition of Elogbooks Facilities Management Ltd., the market-leading provider of FM management support & software to the commercial property sector.

Marc de Thomasson | April 6 2020

Victanis in 2019 : a year in review!


Given the disruption that we’re all currently experiencing, it’s been a curious experience to revisit the areas Victanis has covered in 2019 across our London, Paris and Munich offices. Who knows when we will return to something resembling normality but 2019 at least demonstrated..

Philippe Pierrot | November 20 2019

Customer Retention in Financial Sector: Challenges and solutions

With the rise of clients shifting from financial sector to insurance and insurance to retail, the financial sector has to invest in customer retention providing more than financial services.

Jürgen Leinmüller | September 27 2019

Our market review of Energy Storage Systems is now online!

Please take a look to our market review of Energy Storage Systems. This study has been compiled by Victanis Advisory Services in July 2019 and consists of an analysis of existing energy storage systems, focuses on middle and large scale systems, shows existing projects and reveals future..

Chris Cradock | July 10 2019

An Airbus for Armoured Vehicles: Can the European Armoured Vehicle Conundrum be Solved?

Despite a large number of procurement opportunities, Europe’s armoured vehicle sector is over-supplied to an almost ludicrous degree. In a sector which screams for consolidation in order to remain competitive, do recent commercial developments and mergers within France, Germany and the UK plot a..

Chris Cradock | June 12 2019

“Ready for Take-Off?…Where’s the Pilot?!” The Pilot Shortage & Airlines

Items such as record orders for new planes, expanding airports, airlines struggling and the environmental cost of the growing popularity of air travel are most frequently in the news when attention turns to aviation. But there is a less well known and understood issue that threatens to influence..

Chris Cradock | May 29 2019

Balancing Your Pathways to Growth: Organic, Acquisition or Both?

Does Organic and Acquisition Strategy Mix?Both!” is the obvious answer most companies would give to the question posed in the title. Who doesn’t want to have a business that combines the strength of a demonstrably successful business model that outperforms its competitors in the market along..

Chris Cradock | May 23 2019

Steps to Growth through Successful Acquisitions

Having discussed in a previous note the importance of strategic thinking before looking for acquisition targets as well as the necessity of ensuring that acquisition strategy is aligned with plans for organic growth, we take a look now at the actual acquisition process itself and the important..

Marc de Thomasson | May 14 2019

Victanis advises the SOCOTEC Group on the successful acquisition of specialist building control and fire consultancy Butler & Young Group

Victanis has provided comprehensive support to SOCOTEC UK, a leading provider of risk management and compliance services, during its acquisition of Butler & Young Group, a specialist provider of building control and fire consultancy services in UK and Ireland.

Chris Cradock | May 8 2019

Growth by Acquisition: Why Follow the Path of Growth through Acquisition in the First Place

Opting for growing your business by acquisition as opposed to or, in the majority of cases, in parallel with organic growth offers a number of advantages for businesses. While the advantages of a ‘big leap’ are obvious and in some ways superficial, as we will go on to discuss, the promise of..

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