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Chris Cradock | July 28 2023


Victanis has recently completed comprehensive commercial due diligence for Bridgepoint Development Capital to support the fund’s investment process to acquire SK AeroSafety Group from Levine Leichtman Capital Partners.

Marc de Thomasson | February 20 2023

Victanis advises the SOCOTEC Group on the successful acquisition of Shore Engineering

Victanis has provided comprehensive support to SOCOTEC UK, a leading provider of risk management and compliance services to the construction and infrastructure sectors, during its acquisition of Shore, a specialist provider of building control, health and safety and Construction Design and..

Marc de Thomasson | February 10 2023

Victanis advises Quadrant Building Control as it joins Socotec Group

Victanis Advisory Services has been acting as corporate advisor throughout the preparation and successful sales process of Quadrant Approved Inspectors (QAI), a leading provider of building control services for commercial and residential projects.  QAI has been acquired by Socotec Group.

Marc de Thomasson | August 24 2022

Victanis Advisory Services supports Charterhouse Capital Partners in their Successful Investment in Amtivo Group

Victanis has recently completed detailed and comprehensive due diligence exercise in support of Charterhouse’s investment in Amtivo.

Yves Rommel | February 28 2022

Victanis Advisory Services advises the Family Office MBCI Industries for the acquisition of T.G.E. (Thermique Génie Chimie Evaporation) based in Evreux (France).

The Family Office MBCI Industries and the shareholders of T.G.E. (Managers Benoit and Valérie Colin along with the Management team, and Capital-Export, a French Private Equity Fund), have reached an agreement for the acquisition of T.G.E., an Engineering leader in the design, and realisation of..

Chris Cradock | January 4 2021

Victanis supports UTAC CERAM with its merger with Millbrook

Victanis has supported UTAC CERAM, backed by Eurazeo PME, in its agreed merger of activities with Millbrook, formerly a part of Spectris Plc, due to be concluded in Q1 2021. Millbrook is a reputed and highly experienced provider of testing and validation services to the automotive industry with a..

Chris Cradock | May 29 2019

Balancing Your Pathways to Growth: Organic, Acquisition or Both?

Does Organic and Acquisition Strategy Mix?Both!” is the obvious answer most companies would give to the question posed in the title. Who doesn’t want to have a business that combines the strength of a demonstrably successful business model that outperforms its competitors in the market along with..

Chris Cradock | May 23 2019

Steps to Growth through Successful Acquisitions

Having discussed in a previous note the importance of strategic thinking before looking for acquisition targets as well as the necessity of ensuring that acquisition strategy is aligned with plans for organic growth, we take a look now at the actual acquisition process itself and the important..

Marc de Thomasson | May 14 2019

Victanis advises the SOCOTEC Group on the successful acquisition of specialist building control and fire consultancy Butler & Young Group

Victanis has provided comprehensive support to SOCOTEC UK, a leading provider of risk management and compliance services, during its acquisition of Butler & Young Group, a specialist provider of building control and fire consultancy services in UK and Ireland.

Chris Cradock | May 8 2019

Growth by Acquisition: Why Follow the Path of Growth through Acquisition in the First Place

Opting for growing your business by acquisition as opposed to or, in the majority of cases, in parallel with organic growth offers a number of advantages for businesses. While the advantages of a ‘big leap’ are obvious and in some ways superficial, as we will go on to discuss, the promise of..

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